Student Activities Committee Minutes

November 3, 2000


Members Present: Mary-Frances Panettiere (Faculty Member, Chair), Danielle McDonald Committee Member), Brent Carter (Faculty Member), John Lester (Graduate Student Representative), Sara Cames (Undergraduate Student Representative), Jennifer Birchmore (Undergraduate Student Representative)

Absent: Steve McLaughlin (Faculty Member), Karen Boyd (Exec. Board Liason), Art Koblasz (Faculty Member), Daniel Baldwin (Faculty Member)

Visitor: Gail DiSabatino (Dean of Students)


I. Approval of Annual Report

Danielle McDonald moved and Mary-Frances Panettiere seconded a motion to approve the 1999-2000 Annual Report with changes.

Unanimously approved

Approval of Minutes

Mary-Frances Panettiere moved and Danielle McDonald seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the Student Activities Committee meeting on April 26, 2000 with changes

Unanimously approved

  1. New Business

Election of New Chair and Secretary

Mary-Frances Panettiere nominated Brent Carter for Chair. Danielle McDonald seconded the nomination.

Passed 5-0-1

Brent Carter nominated Danielle McDonald for Secretary. Sara Cames seconded the nomination.

Passed 5-0-1

Orientation for new committee members

Copies of the charter packet and JCOC policies and the SAC committee structure were distributed.

Student Organizations Conduct Code

Gail DiSabatino and Danielle McDonald distributed and explained the newly developed proposed Student Organizations Conduct Code.

Sara Cames moved and Jennifer Birchmore seconded the motion to accept as Interim policy until student input can be gathered.

John Lester moved and Brent Carter seconded the motion that typographical corrections be allowed to be made while in interim period.

Danielle McDonald moved and Mary-Frances Panettiere seconded the motion for the interim policy to be in effect until the end of Spring Semester at which time the policy with student input will become permanent.

Brent Carter moved and John Lester seconded the motion to vote to approve the Student Organization Conduct Code as an interim policy effective until Spring semester while student input is gathered allowing for typographical changes.

Unanimously approved.

Next meeting will be scheduled for beginning of December.

III. Meeting adjourned at 11:09 a.m.