Welfare and Security Committee



November 10, 2003

3:00PM, Van Leer Room 225


WSC Members Present: Gail Palmer (ECE), Jane Weyant, (COE), Frank Lambert (ECE), Chair, Mary Ann Ingram (ECE), Tom Akins (DOPP, Robin Bechtel (Student), and Barbara Henry (Executive Board)


Staff Present: Bob Furniss, Director Parking & Transportation


1.      The minutes of our October 13, 2003 meeting were approved with corrections on item #4 to change “will host” to “plans to host”. 


2.      There will be a Campus-wide Committee formed to address the issue of “Motorized Carts on Campus”.  Jane Weyant volunteered to represent us on this committee.


3.      Chief Crocker was not able to attend our meeting.  She will try to attend the next meeting to provide updates on the security issues and address Emergency Call Box locations.


4.      The first draft of the Parking and Transportation Facts and Issues document was presented and discussed.  Bob Furniss will work with Mary Ann Ingram to help complete the document.  After the document is finalized by our committee, we will e-mail it to the faculty. An e-mail address for the Welfare & Security Committee will be setup to solicit comments on the Parking & Transportation issues.


5.      Our next meeting will be held on Friday, December 5, at 9:00AM.