Annual Report

2003 - 2004


Members of the Committee: Tom Akins (DOPP), Robin Bechtel (UG Student), Barbara Henry (OSP) ex officio, Mary Ann Ingram (ECE), Frank Lambert (ECE), Chair, Lionel Lemarchand (ModL), Gail Palmer (ECE), Jane Weyant (COE)


The Committee met on the following dates: 8/29, 10/13, 11/10, 12/5, 1/9, 1/30, 2/20, 4/29, and 5/27


Members of the committee served on the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee and the Campus Master Planning Committee during the year.


Our areas of focus for the year included:

-                     Campus Master Planning Committee – The following recommendation were provided to the Campus Master Planning Committee:

-                     1) Parking - Cost escalation needs to be considered as existing lots are replaced with remote decks.  Provisions should be made for faculty to park adjacent to their building temporarily to pickup or deliver materials / equipment.
2) Transportation - The transportation system must be upgraded to make the remote parking deck plan workable.  It should take no more than 10 minutes from the parking deck to the building. 
3) Security - Lighting levels and emergency call boxes should be included in the Plan.  Parking decks and buildings should be designed with a focus on security for faculty and students.  We have many faculty and students that are required to work late into the night.


-                     Motorized carts on campus – A Campus wide committee was formed to address safety issues with the use of motorized carts on campus.  Jane Weyant represented the Welfare and Security Committee in this effort.  No action has been taken on this item.  This will be an on-going issue for 2004-05.


-                     Parking and Transportation Issues – The committee worked with Bob Furniss to develop a presentation on “Parking and Transportation Frequently Asked Questions” for the Academic Senate and General Faculty Assembly on 2/3/04.  A copy of the presentation was included in the minutes and placed on the Faculty website.


-                     Security around the North Avenue Research Complex – A new patrol zone has been established and Chief Crocker is coordinating with the Atlanta Police Department on campus perimeter crime issues.  A new canine unit was also added to the GT Police Department.  This will be an on-going issue for 2004-05.


-                     Security around Parking Decks – A new design has been completed for security upgrades to Peters Parking Deck including new security grating and lighting.  Based upon the success of this design, the remaining decks will be upgraded as budget permits. 


-                     Campus Homeland Security Initiatives – Bob Lang provided an overview of the new initiatives.  The campus has been divided into zones and each building has an emergency planning coordinatorA review of a planned campus disaster drill will be held in 2004-05.


-                     Crime Awareness for Graduate Students – Chief Crocker, Sheila Schulte, Gail Potts and Maureen Kilroy worked with us to develop ideas to improve the crime awareness for graduate and international students.  The goal is to inform and raise awareness to prevent students from becoming crime victims without “scaring them”.  A review of graduate orientation will be held in 2004-05.


-                     Health insurance for GRA’s and GTA’s – This issue has been tabled due to budget constraints.